Space Boat

magic shine waterslides

Product Features

The First and the Single RTM-Manufactured Bowl Slides of the Industry

Space Boat is engineered to combine the excitement of the Space Hole and the joy of the Black Hole in one slide. One difference from the Space Hole, this slide utilizes tubes: either single or double tubes. You first experience the surprise and the visual harmony of Black Hole; secondly live the excitement of Space Hole using splash boats; then continue the adventure with either Black Hole or Rafting Slide and finally end in a splash pool or an aqua catch. Try the Space Boat for a truly magical experience!


Technical Specification
Depth 1400 mm (55 inch)
Width 1400 mm (55 inch)
Slope 13/20 %
Capacity 120×2 Pers./h
Exit Pool or Dry-Out
FlowRate 700 m3/h (3080 GPM)


Space Boat