Crown jet L

The Large Crown Jets are AQUAJETZ® which are flush mounted in the surface of a spraypark or on the beginning edge of zero depth or beach type entry into shallow pools. Aquajetz® have no moving parts and simple interaction for the players is with the water-flow alone.

The spray is a set of circular jets slightly angled to create a large crown effect. Installed as a single unit or as a group in lines or in a circle, various designs and water effects can be created.

The units create a wonderful low-level water effect, which creates interaction for children and parents alike.

Fabricated from brass castings with a tamper proof removable nozzle head for cleaning, the units are easily maintained. Installation is facilitated by an adjustable leveling device included as part of the nozzle component.

The unit is best installed by boxing out the connection during the concrete pour and grouting around the nozzle once it has been installed and leveled to the grade.

Crown jet L
Crown jet L