D-Wave Slide

magic shine waterslides

Product Features

D-Wave is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations with its compact design. D-Wave offers “end to end” excitement and enables 4 riders at a time to share the experience. It is a perfect compact solution for indoor parks and still ensures maximum adrenaline. This slide has a steep entry part on to the slide surface which provides riders with the thrill of “free falling”.

The slide is available in any color and a high variety of configurations.You can download our fiberglass color chart from the “download” section of our web site to see the wide variety of color options.

Technical Specification
Depth 500 mm (20 inch)
Width 3000 mm/4000 mm (118/157inch)
Slope 20/40 %
Capacity 2x60x2 Pers./h
Exit Dry-Out
FlowRate 180×2 m3/h (790×2 GPM)


D-Wave Slide