Family Rafting Slide

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Product Features

The First and the Single RTM-Manufactured Family Slide of the Industry

Family Rafting makes it possible to share entertainment and exicitement.You can experience the joy of twists, turns and drops as a family in one of our 6-8 passanger circular inflatable rafts. A conveyor system can deliver the boats safety to the start platform.

Manufacturer is single company in the industry thet offers RTM manufactured family rides (3000) with a perfectly shiny finish on both sides./


Technical Specification
Depth 900 mm (36 in) / 900 mm (36 inch)
Width 3000 mm (118 in) / 4000 mm (158 inch)
Slope 10/13 %-10/13 %
Capacity 180×4 Pers./h / 180×6 Pers./h
Exit Pool or Dry-Out / Pool
FlowRate 500 m3/h (2200 GPM) – 600 m3/h (2640 GPM)

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Family Rafting Slide