Flying Boats

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Product Features

For a popular thrill slide utilizing splash boats, we offer the Flying Boats Slide. Our Flying Boats are available in two different configurations. One is a downhill ride and the other is an uphill one (a rollercoaster-style ride) with which rider’s go uphill on jetted water. The guests will have a journey full of surprises, they will go down and then up, and when they thing it’s all over, they will experience a surprise drop.

Flying Boats provide expertly engineered paths that max out the thrill factor while maintain complete rider safety.


Technical Specification
Depth 730 mm (29 inch)
Width 1400 mm (55 inch)
Slope 20/30 %
Capacity 120×2 Pers./h
Exit Pool or Dry-Out
FlowRate 120 m3/h (530 GPM)


Flying Boats