Giant Body Slide

translucent RTM logomagic shine waterslides

Product Features

This is a very versatile open slide, ensuring a safe, smooth ride and ideal for big or small, outdoor or indoor facilities. You slide down in your bathing suit. The large variety of design options make the body slide one of the most preferred slides in a Waterpark facility.

The slide path of body slide consists of different speed levels generating drop sections and straight away. The slide can be manufactured in either translucent or opaque colours (in any colour & configuration).


Technical Specification
Depth 700 mm (28 inch)
Width 1000 (40 inch)
Slope 10/14 %
Capacity 180 Pers./h
Exit Pool or Dry-Out
FlowRate 120 m3/h (530 GPM)


Giant Body Slide
Giant Body Slide