Magic Sphere

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Product Features

Magic Sphere is a patent pending, exciting, unique waterslide. It is unique in terms of its geometry and riding path. Due to its spherical geometrical shape, it makes a perfect match with any theme applications and colouring  In terms of riding experience it offers a fuzzy path which makes the waterslide particularly special. The same rider might experience a new path each time s/he rides it. It is a high capacity ride with 4 people and can be expanded to 6 people. Manufacturer Natural Light Effects and Special Pattern Effects Technologies can be applied for any customization. Magic Sphere is being produced by manufacturer special Resin Transfer Molding Composites Production Technology so it proves itself to be a superior quality waterslide aesthetically and physically.

These features of the Magic Sphere waterslide make it one-of-a-kind waterslide in terms of concept, design, theme application, manufacturing and engineering.


. Fuzzy ride path enables riders experience a new path each time

. Perfect geometry to go with different theme application & coloring options

. Strong visual impact

. High capacity ride – 4-6 persons

. Fully enclosed version for a completely dark attraction

. Partly open version available. The sphere can be half open or partly open

. Translucency available

. “Natural Light Effects” system applicable

. Conveyor or tower available as an entry option

. Special effects (Visual, Auditory, Foggy) available as optional

. Configuration enables to choose between a pool or a run-out for the exit part

. Design configuration enables a higher circulation


Technical Specification
Depth 2800mm/20m 110/62 inch
Width 2800mm/20m 110/62 inch
Slope 10/40 %
Capacity 120×4 persons./h
Exit Pool or Dry-Out
FlowRate 800 m3/h (3520 GPM)


Magic Sphere