Mini Pirate Slide

Introducing an interactive play center with a pirate theming, decorative animation articles and numerous waterslides of different colors and types. Thıis structure has recently become which is one of our most popular products, Due to space constraints, many clients demanded a more compact Pirate Ship that can fit into any pool, residential, municipial, etc. Our partners listened and worked on an alternative and finally came up with a creative new design that meets exactly its clients’ needs and requests. The Mini Pirate Slide: mini kids slide with a pirate theming that delivers fun, safety, function, comfort, innovation, capacity, entertainment, ease of operation and maintenance. It is very easy to ship and to install that you can do it yourself. It can fit into pools with space constraints.


Technical Specifications

2,20×3,40×4,70 m
265 kg
>3, <10
Pool Depth
0,4 m

Mini Pirate Slide
Mini Pirate Slide