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Product Features

From the beginning, the riders get accelerated by hydro jets and water injection propulsion and are then taken uphill to later slide down again. The experience is very much like a roller coaster on a waterslide. What is totally different about the Navigatour is that your guests start their journey at the pool level. They don’t need to climb a tower! Throughout their journey, they will rise and fall and surely catch different perspectives of your park.

What is surprising is that your guests will suddenly find themselves at the start of the Navigatour while floating leisurely down your lazy river/pool. Capable of carrying one or two riders, Navigatour can be installed to take riders either from floating queues in lazy rivers at the O level or from towers where they can experience big steep drops. Navigatour offers a more flexible design compared to many other slides and is ideal for indoor waterparks.The length of this journey is totally up to you, it is even If possible for your guests to discover the entire park with Navigatour. With the help of rises and falls, it is possible for Navigatour to end at the pool level or connect to another slide in the waterpark. This can allow your park to turn into an attraction center. Due to its flexibility, Navigatour has been already voted as the best attraction in the parks.


Technical Specification
Depth 600 mm (24 in) / 800 mm (32 inch)
Width 1700 mm (67 in) / 1400 mm (55 inch)
Slope 10/17 % – 10/13 %
Capacity 120×2 Pers./h – 120×2 Pers./h
Exit Pool or Dry-Out
FlowRate /

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