Octupus Slide

An octopus has never been so funny. We have created a unique colourful play area for children which is located inside the pool, has six arms, three used as slides, three as stairs and with a big mushroom in place of the head. If you want to see your pool as the favorite fun place for children, the octopus slide would be the perfect addition to your park. With holes and spaces underneath it, the Octopus is a perfect fun place for children. With its beautiful and very colourful view, this attraction will make your dreams come true and will surely be the kids’ favorite attraction in your park.


Technical Specifications

6,75×6,35×3,0 m
Slide Level
1,4 m
591 kg
Flow Rate
60 m3
Supply Line
Ø90 pipe
>3, <10
Pool Depth
0,4 m
Min. Pool Size
Ø10 m


Octupus Slide
Octupus Slide