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Product Features

We are proud to share another streamlined design waterslide: “Spheres”. Unlike giant “Magic Sphere”, “Spheres” consist of several smaller shape spheres and tunnel slide parts in between. Similar to “Magic Sphere”, many theme applications and colouring go perfect due to the geometrical shape of the spheres.

In terms of riding experience, the main feature is the rider’s going into the sphere with a drop and doing the fast forth and back movement inside the sphere and leaving the sphere again with a drop. It is a two person ride. Natural Light Effects and Special Pattern Effects Technologies can be applied. “Spheres” is being produced by Resin Transfer Molding Composites Production Technology so it proves itself to be a superior quality waterslide aesthetically and physically.

Spheres” waterslide with strong theme options and riding experience offers streamlining recreation.



  • Unique ride path
  • Perfect geometry to go with different theme application & coloring options.
  • Strong Visual Impact
  • Fully enclosed version for a completely dark attraction
  • Partly open version available. The sphere can be half open or partly open.
  • Translucency available.
  • “Natural Light Effects” system applicable
  • Conveyor or tower available as an entry option
  • Special effects (Visual, Auditory) available as optional
  • Double, triple, quadruple versions are available.
  • Pool or run-out for the exit part
Technical Specification
Depth 1400mm/6m 55/19,6 inch
Width 1400mm/6m 55/19,6 inch
Slope 10/40 %
Capacity 180×2 persons./h
Exit Pool or Dry-Out
FlowRate 200 m3/h (880 GPM)