magic shine waterslides

Product Features

Increases the Level of Adrenaline!
Flexible, Efficient Design Understanding!
Unforgettable Ride Experience!
Attraction Center of your Park!


Turbo Lance, extreme slide, is specially designed for your guests to experience the rush of different sliding paths. Riders will first experience a steep/big drop down and then they are propelled uphill vertically. They then experience another unforgettable path, this time a reverse path taking them over a bump and ending into a splash pool. This slide is a combination our Flying Boats and Wave Slide. Turbo Lance is another concrete example of customer oriented, flexible, and efficient design understanding.

Although Turbo Lance promises to deliver an unforgettable ride experience with its standard design; it is possible to combine it with Black Hole or Rafting Slides to increase the level of adrenaline. When it starts with one of these slides, the slide offers a comparatively slower sliding path at the start but then quickly speeds up. These versions are mostly preferred in indoor parks. Especially with the Black Hole start version, it will surely become the attraction center of your park. You can use the slide either with single or double splash boats.This also enables you to choose between a pool or a run-out for the exit part. We guarantee that your guests ending in this slide will start again sliding Turbo Lance very soon. Be prepared for the queues!

Family Version Available!


Technical Specification
Depth 730 / 500 mm (29/20 inch)
Width 1400 / 4000 / 6000 (55/158/236 inch)
Slope 20/40 %
Capacity 120×2 Pers./h
Exit Pool or Dry-Out
FlowRate 360 m3/h (1580 GPM)