Wide Slide / Uphill Wide Slide

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Product Features

Wide Slide offers a smooth ride while ensuring the safety and enjoyment your customers count on. Flying Carpet and Rainbow are the most popular types of this slide.

Flying Carpet is a unique slide, onto which we can produce any custom gel coat design. Although most park owners prefer the traditional carpet design on this slide; we are able to add any logo, park name, mascot figure, or design onto the surface of this slide. Rainbow Slide is of the same form as the Flying Carpet Slide with the beautiful rainbow figure. You will see that this special design creates one of the most attractive and distinctive slides, and adding a Rainbow Slide to your park will attract new customers and clients like a pot of gold.

An uphill version of the wide slide is now available to maximize the capacity and the thrill factor in your park!!!


Technical Specification
Depth 500 mm (20 inch)
Width 2000 / 2200 / 3000 mm (79/87/118 inch)
Slope 20/40 %
Capacity 120×2 / 120×2 / 120×3 Pers./h
Exit Pool or Dry-Out
FlowRate 120 m3/h (530 GPM)/240 m3/h (1060 GPM)



Wide Slide / Uphill Wide Slide