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Product Features

Windigo is a sophisticated, thrill ride that begins with enclosed aquatube slides that transforms into high speed multiracer lanes. Windigo by Polin, a high speed mat racer slide, can be ridden standard or head-first, and has quatriple, sextuple, and octuple options. Windigo has indoor and outdoor installation options and even an indoor-outdoor combination. With multi-color options and combinations according to the client needs, Windigo offers a visual feast for the patrons of your park. Flexibility with the design is the Kamikaze or Freefall options for the multiracer part of the slide. This stunning and gorgeous slide is compatible with any theming. Being a high capacity ride, it will help you manage the queues. This award winning high end-design and engineering ride proved itself to be the center of attraction at Odissea 2000 Waterpark, Italy in year 2008.


Technical Specification
Depth 825 mm (33 in) / 500 mm (20 inch)
Width 825 mm (33 in) / nx850 mm (nx34 inch)
Slope 10/40 %
Capacity 120x lane Pers./h
Exit Dry-Out
FlowRate nx120 m3/h (nx530 GPM)